Blockbuster should have invented Netflix

In 2001, Reed Hastings pitched Blockbuster a $50 million dollar start-up: Netflix. History will mark CEO John Antioco’s dismissal of the idea as the beginning of the end, the day Antioco let his focus on innovating for the old world blind him to the new one as it dawned.

Seeing the future before it unfolds? 

That’s the value of design and innovation. 

Successful organizations don’t react to market changes, they innovate for cultural needs. Their products and services bridge the gap between new and old - constantly adapting. They’re not looking into the future, they’re helping to shape it. 

AviStudio harnesses the power of innovation and design, discovering untapped potential and identifying growth opportunities for brands just like yours. We take an interdisciplinary approach to ideation, ensuring your business utilizes every platform the 21st Century throws at us. 

We believe that design and innovation starts with people, and we work hand-in-hand with yours, giving your employees the tools to leverage every possible competitive advantage.

In 2001, Antioco couldn’t see the value in innovating for tomorrow, but the world is changing. By 2020, one-third of the core skills employers value today will have changed. The need for change is closer than ever, and a solution built too late is no solution at all.


Ben Leoni, 67 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6K 3E3

Ben Leoni is a North American Entrepreneur, Designer, and Producer known for his early success in building two millennial-led, new tech and innovation companies.

Ben is a leading digital innovator. A seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience in the design and innovation industry, he has a successful track record of managing change, conceptualizing creative briefs, and delivering growth strategies for brands in both private and public sectors.

As the senior creative at Avi, Ben has led on numerous entertainment and digital experience projects, creating apps, games, films, and interactive solutions for global brands, NGOs, and high-growth startups. 

Driven by an established interest in activism and future concepts, this millennial entrepreneur is just getting started. He leads a creator network that currently spans twelve major cities, and regularly leads on culturally-orientated projects through his work with Ben also acts as a futuristic consultant to the film industry, and regularly speaks at design conferences, lectures, and entertainment events. 


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