About AviStudio

AviStud.io is a millennial-led design collective. Our diverse team is united by one defining belief: human-centred design drives innovation, and innovation drives business success. This philosophy has fuelled our growth over the last decade, taking us from a web design company to an award winning design and innovation agency. 


We first sprang to life in 2007 as Design Pilot; a small team focused on delivering beautiful, functional websites that worked for the people using them. Innovation was second nature to us and, looking back, it barely felt revolutionary. When your focus is designs that deliver the best user experience, then innovation is inevitable. Just look at Nintendo. When it launched the gaming app Pokemon Go, it inadvertently changed the face of small business marketing. The platform was so focused on the human-experience that people leveraged the product to work for them. And that’s how it was for us. If your designs are made to enhance user experience, then innovation is inevitable.


As we became known for our creative solutions and innovative designs, businesses sought us out for more than just website design. Soon, we were employing experts with experience in marketing, branding, videography, illustration, communication, and design; creating elegant, cross-channel strategies that delivered on overarching brand objectives. And, just like that, AviStud.io was born.


Now, we employee creatives throughout Toronto, New York, San Fran, and LA; and boast an established senior design team that have worked for big name brands and cutting-edge campaigns. We have shaped the way audiences all over the world view and interact with businesses on a day-to-day basis, and we’re still only just getting started…